Global warming is the major threat to our survival. Effective technological and political solutions to this crisis are needed but lacking. Given sufficient coordination, we will prevail by the leadership of the few most powerful, ingenious and entrepreneurial among us and by support of the many.

At the Wavecrest Foundation we believe that every major alternative energy patent and every patent dedicated to extracting carbon from the air deserves utmost attention in the highest decision-making circles as well as among the rank and file of planet Earth. We believe that whenever and wherever an entrepreneur succeeds in implementing these patents, we all succeed. We understand that the vitality and future of mankind is directly linked to the breadth of US participation in climate change matters. To that end, the mission of the Wavecrest Foundation is to make the relevant patents, research and business developments known to the US and international decision makers and broad public to help coordinate national and global-scale policy changes necessary to halt global warming.

Our Product

First, the creation and upkeep of this web site as the source of information and a coordination tool. Second, publication of the WAVECREST FOUNDATION ANNUAL ANTI-GLOBAL WARMING PATENTS SUMMARY REPORT in digital form or as a paper brochure and distribution of the REPORT either electronically or by mail to the heads of various government agencies, corporations, libraries and the media both nationally and internationally.